04 January 2010

PRINCE NEWS: Sensationally the great Pinarelli Bike Company dedicate their 2010 bike to and after Coach Prince

Coach Prince is proud to hear that the esteemed world famous Pinarello bicycle company of Italy have branded their new 2010 $5,000 USD elite road racer the Pinarello Prince. This is another great honour for Prince, this website and the Prince Method®. Prince is now considering changing his official endorcement from Orbea of Spain to Pinarello and student CP may cancel order for 2010 Orbea Ordu. Prince has been frantically calling Pinarello all week to give his sincere thanks, has left many messages at the reception but has heard nothing back. When they call Prince back it is likely they will state " their respect for one of the all time great coaches blah blah blah.., and in particularly his revolutionary pedal technique (to be outlined in Prince's future book and soon on this website)". "Thank you Pinarello" says a happy prince below pictured on his powerboat in Okinawa.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent news and an excellent marketing decision on Pinarello's part. Looking forward to the pedaling technique book1