03 January 2011

PRINCE PARI: My Litary Works for 2011. 執筆中です.

The great dog Prince has announced an appetite for completing various literary masterpieces through 2011 – 偉犬プリンスは、今、執筆中です.
Prince`s genius as a coach and artistic director of triathlon execution, a debonair existentialist commentator on Japan, as well as Paleolithic inspired nutritionist has not gone un-noticed. He is commissioned to commence some 4 masterpieces this year。天才的な四部作を構想しています。プリンス​は:

Essentially Prince`s top 107 tips on podium medal winning in triathlon (5 in 2010)、i.e. How to take more for performance from a red wine habit , than a red wine habit can take from your performance! プリンスメソッド :天才的なトライアスロンと選手の生活方法を解説。107時代精神の秘訣です。

II. KONNICHI-WA PRINCE: This is a work of cartoon brilliance that I Prince believe will finally destroy Hello Kitty© and the evil house of Sanrio© and replace it with the era of Prince inspired "Konichiwa Prince©". "Konnichiwa Prince©" sketch prototype is right. Picture is Prince peeing in Sanrio`s Kitty-Chan flagship fountain and below jumping 27 feet to avoid security. Sayonara Kitty...!プリンス​物語で。​プリンスはサンリオキャラクターに昇格​ものだから​街のうわさではHELLO KITTYは死んだらしい。

PRINCE: THE POCKET MONSTER: A fictional work for submission to the Pokemon company. How Prince, intoxicated by bicycle lube metamorphoses into Purichuu©; "the must have" Pokemon of 2011" . A Pokemon to counter the evil Meowth cat Pokemon as pictured left in yakitori bar with Prince. プリンス​物語です。プリンスは”プリチュウと言うポケモン​に変身​

IV.PRINCE: A PICTURE BOOK - MY J-GIRL EXPERIENCES: I Prince am a victim of Japanese girls with ravishing elite poodle fetishes across Japan. I am compiling my photographs with these Prince fanatics, many of them in high school uniform! A bonus supplement on how to be adorable for the girls will be included. プリンス 、東京逆ナンパ​絵本​。 女子高校生のハート​を掴む方法!​

Please if anyone has ideas for Prince`s stories, triathlon Prince Method©, or wishes to boost my narcissism in any way, please write to prince@princepari.com. 私に褒め言葉を言ってよ。