13 December 2011

Prince Inspires Japan Police Rescue and Promotes Rescue Training Camp. 万歳勇気プリンスとプリンスの救助合宿

最近日本の警察救助隊は人間界やら犬界においで一番素晴らしさ生き物はやっぱりプリンスのような粋くなり過ぎたトイプードルだという事がわかったようだ。記事によると警視庁は馬鹿な大き警察犬は止めて、その馬鹿犬達は漫画喫茶t店で休ませてトイプードルを採用することにした!僕のトライアスロン合宿に加えて救助トイプードル合宿学校国際組織を設立する. 救助トレーニングはトライアスロンのクロストレーニングを基に東京地震を想定して、救助の練習をする。最終的に高過ぎる合宿代のおかけで僕大お金持ちの勝ち犬の生活を満喫できる!写真は山と海とジャングル救助隊練習です。事リンクス

As my popularity in Japan explodes , it has been reported in the Wall Street Journal that the Japanese police force have now replaced
their rescue dog teams that hitherto comprised of dim oversized dark tuetonic dogs with small gallant poodles as inspired by the poodle Prince Pari ("I myself"). It is a great complement to me, and I am returning the honour by complementing my triathlon sporting academy (Team Prince Pari) with a poodle rescue training institute. I welcome my triathlon fans to particpate in rescue training as well for cross training purposes. Pictures are me in training across rescue disciplines for earthquake, sea, mountain, fire and jungle. I intend to be handsomley paid by the Japanese police force et al and make a wad a cash so as to retire next year at an age akin to a Greek police dog (4 years).WSJ Article Link