23 May 2011

PRINCE NEWS: Prince Method Adopted by Olympic Gold Medal Q-Chan 高橋 尚子

It is now clear that Olympic Marathon winner (2 hours 23 mins) Q-Chan (Takahashi Naoko) adheres to the Prince Method© towards athletic performance. She appeared on Japan TV "Haran Bakushou" claiming her principal weekly runs are paced by her Poodle called "Lappi", just as she knows I pace my athletes CP, JW et al. As per my method, training with a poodle makes one feel good, run faster with improved form by mimicking poodle forefoot landing. Picture above is Prince training CP, and others are Q-chan winning gold, Q-chan with her coach poodle Lappi, and also Prince fan, and singer Yuko-rin with her "fitness" poodle.

シドニー2000年オリンピック金メダル受賞者Q-ちゃんは愛犬プードを一緒 に走トレーニングをしているとテレビで語ってた。しかし、話を聞いてみるとその愛犬は時はただ5km走るだけである。CPと僕トレーニングの時は13kmくらい走ってしまう。