17 November 2009

PRINCE'S STUDENT RACE REPORT: ROTA INTERNATIONAL TRIATHLON - Amazing Result and All thanks to Coach Prince Pari (9th Overall and 1st in Age Group)

Below are my Student's notes (written by him C Parry) on his Rota Blue 16th International Triathlon in the Marianas. This is only his 2nd Triathlon, so Coach Prince Pari does it again….Buy my book!!!! Check me on beach:

· Conditions: One foot waves and breakers at start.
· Swim was like being in an aquarium. Crystal visibility and scores of tropical fish. Some people spotted small reef sharks. Tiger Sharks sometimes in area, but not known to attack humans. Records not kept on small mammal attacks so PrincePari stayed at the beach bar with Team Athelonia support team.
· Time was 32 minutes (including approx 2 min transition from wetsuit to bike). Coach Prince was barking at me at Transition area, but did not listen until I realized I was starting run with bike helmet still on.
· Swim overall 16th

· Therefore started bike in 16th place on steep hills, and a continuous slight head wind
· Time was 1 hour and 12 mins (inc approx 2 min transition) and equates to around 35K per hour average.
· My bike overall was fastest of amateurs at 5th out of 80 (first 4 on cycle are well known pro circuit triathletes)
· 2 minutes faster and would have been same as slower of the 4 pro times. Having lost at least 2 minutes from a brief fall when climbing I know I was on same pace.
· Came back 10 places on bike from16th to 6th
· Using PrincePari's recommended Corina carbon 3 spoke aero wheels (below) really made a difference on this course to a time that surprised even me.

12K RUN (usually 10K for Olympic Distance)
· Started run in 6th place, but hit badly by dehydration (worked hard on bike and forgot to drink), heat, little shade and was like a mountain trail run (which had not trained for). Chronic injury of hamstring hamstring ache stopped rhythm.
· Time was 59 minutes and lost 3 places to 9th.

· 2 hours and 44 mins (taking off the extra 2 k run that was added to Olympic distance, it is close to breaking the holy 2.30 in tough conditions)  Overall 9th place, and won best finish within 30-39 age group. Was given cuddly panda from Mayor of Rota, which my coach has already tried biting the head off..
· Better than anticipated for 2nd Triathlon. Really delighted.
· Also had great day of private coaching from 2 time Kona Iron Man top ten finisher Hidea Miyazuka who was 4th .
· Could not have done any of this with-out my Coach Prince Pari, Athelonia of Daikanyama, and all my friends at Athelonia.
· Next event is Honolulu Triathlon in May 2010 where my Coach Prince Pari will not be attending due to the credit crunch.