03 January 2010

PRINCE NEWS: Medal Winner Parnell Hails Prince and Shows Appropriate Patronization Towards Luxumbourg

As reported from Chile, South America, Parnell ("the Arctic Fox") in his own words comments on his 3rd place in the Antarctic Ice Marathon:

"The bronze medal position would not have been possible without the learned teaching of my coach from the snowy Northern latitudes Prince Pari. Truly he is a demigod and I expect both Mme. Vuitton and the Emperor to recognize his greatness and buy his book.

"The Arctic Fox wishes to make clear that he is not related in any way to Jacques Fox or anybody else from Luxembourg. He will however be making a significant donation to the foundation to provide swimming facilities for decatriathletes in that Principality. The Arctic Fox was very distressed to learn that Jacques-San was recently forced to make a training swim of over 19,000 lengths of the 10metre olympic pool in the Ardennes forest due to the lack of available facilities"

While on the topic of the Antarctic, Prince witnessed this shocking unprovoked attack (above picture) on a polar bear in Korea over Christmas. This triathlon coaching site is firmly against animal abuse of all kinds, even in Seoul where Prince was a constant kidnap target by some of the local hot pot delicacy restaurants.

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