18 October 2012

Prince Hotel Oiso Triathlon Report; FURIOUS - プリンスホテルは超超迷惑!

CPはいい結果だったのに、ボクは深く怒った。大磯プリンスホテルは僕のブランドを使っている癖に、ボクを招かないホテルだ。プールの周りはダメ, 庭もダメ、そして駐車場ふれあいコーナーさえ、入れないと言われた。トライアスロン大会当日のこの小不平にみまわれた。ボクの選手CPは総合で4位!!! になった時ボクは雨もりのする木造家屋(CPの友達の家)で迷惑な文鳥と遊んでやっていた。今日から皆さんプリンスホテルグルプは僕のブランドではありま せん。気をつけて!偽ブランドが多いですから。;)
I was so looking forward to taking CP to the Prince Hotel and Resort Oiso Long Beach Triathlon; a triathlon using my name and the ”Prince" brand to enhance. The triathlon was held at the Prince hotel, and I was looking forward to being the poster pup for the day. On arriving with CP I was hit by an absurd metoer of nonsense that poodles and other dogs were not allowed on any of the extensive grounds of the hotel. CP beckoned the General Manager, a pencil pusher called Suzuki, who showed no flexibility, and even called security. I fully expected my athlete CP to then walk out of the race, but he scandalously betrayed me and called a local friend in the village who picked me up in his white Mercedes. I spent the day under house arrest in a leaking wooden Bunchou bird house." Bunchou" is the annoying, yet cultured little Japanese white Finch. CP ended up taking 4th place overall out of 150 in mens division, but I do not care. Anyhow, please DO not visit the "Prince Hotel and Resort" in Oiso or any of their related hotels, for they are a fake and a fraud and have no relation to me or my Prince Pari brand or my Prince Pari foundation. Below is selfish CP and me freezing next to garden bird house in the rain: