25 January 2010

PRINCE REVIEW: The Stupendous New Newton Shoe

The Newton shoe is such a dashingly unprecedented running shoe development that poodle wonder Prince out of sheer excitement bit the shoe in half(see video below). The basis of the shoe is what Prince has always promoted; helping forefoot running and developing perfect technique through the PrinceMethod. Forefoot running is natural for humans, as Prince explains in his book, try running heel toe with barefeet. The sole of the shoe has 4 mohicans protruding out that rebound your forefoot as if a spring. The PrinceMethod® of running and most good modern treatises on the topic (including Romanov’s POSE method) of natural forefoot running have always theorized after having analyzed pictures/simulations of poodles in flight. The four Mohican design is obviously based on poodle paw pads.

Prince and his admirers had a day of testing the shoe with Michael Trees, Newton promoter, poodle fancier and British Triathlon record holder in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo, 23rd January 2010. The shoe requires natural poodle running by athletes as per the original picture Romanov analyzed (to the right) in the 1970’s (note not cool retro poodle haircut), with correct high knee lift, a slight lean forward and forefoot (or forefeet as with poodle) landing, quiet ninja movement, high cadence and rear foot (feet for poodles) rebounding push off.

This Newton shoe allows for an average of 33 seconds reduction per 10,000 meters of running and is the dream shoe for the visionaries of forefoot running: Michael Trees, Professor Romanov of the POSE Method, Zola Budd and of course, Prince Pari of the PrinceMethod. Prince stated: “ I would like to propose a toast to myself for what I have done for sport globally”. A brilliantly concise Japanese translation is below:

日本語概要:プリンスのお陰で世界の中で一番早くて最高に走る靴が新発明された. プリンス万歳!

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