03 January 2011

PRINCE PARI: My Litary Works for 2011. 執筆中です.

The great dog Prince has announced an appetite for completing various literary masterpieces through 2011 – 偉犬プリンスは、今、執筆中です.
Prince`s genius as a coach and artistic director of triathlon execution, a debonair existentialist commentator on Japan, as well as Paleolithic inspired nutritionist has not gone un-noticed. He is commissioned to commence some 4 masterpieces this year。天才的な四部作を構想しています。プリンス​は:

Essentially Prince`s top 107 tips on podium medal winning in triathlon (5 in 2010)、i.e. How to take more for performance from a red wine habit , than a red wine habit can take from your performance! プリンスメソッド :天才的なトライアスロンと選手の生活方法を解説。107時代精神の秘訣です。

II. KONNICHI-WA PRINCE: This is a work of cartoon brilliance that I Prince believe will finally destroy Hello Kitty© and the evil house of Sanrio© and replace it with the era of Prince inspired "Konichiwa Prince©". "Konnichiwa Prince©" sketch prototype is right. Picture is Prince peeing in Sanrio`s Kitty-Chan flagship fountain and below jumping 27 feet to avoid security. Sayonara Kitty...!プリンス​物語で。​プリンスはサンリオキャラクターに昇格​ものだから​街のうわさではHELLO KITTYは死んだらしい。

PRINCE: THE POCKET MONSTER: A fictional work for submission to the Pokemon company. How Prince, intoxicated by bicycle lube metamorphoses into Purichuu©; "the must have" Pokemon of 2011" . A Pokemon to counter the evil Meowth cat Pokemon as pictured left in yakitori bar with Prince. プリンス​物語です。プリンスは”プリチュウと言うポケモン​に変身​

IV.PRINCE: A PICTURE BOOK - MY J-GIRL EXPERIENCES: I Prince am a victim of Japanese girls with ravishing elite poodle fetishes across Japan. I am compiling my photographs with these Prince fanatics, many of them in high school uniform! A bonus supplement on how to be adorable for the girls will be included. プリンス 、東京逆ナンパ​絵本​。 女子高校生のハート​を掴む方法!​

Please if anyone has ideas for Prince`s stories, triathlon Prince Method©, or wishes to boost my narcissism in any way, please write to prince@princepari.com. 私に褒め言葉を言ってよ。

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  1. FENWAY wants master to visit parrysan and PRINCE in april. must watch battle royale numerous times to inspire trip. please provide earthquake forecast. dogs have uncanny sense to predict natural occurrance b4 actual event!?