06 April 2011

PRINCE PARI TOP TIPS - Prince Hydration Technology and Great Speeches

Please admire the aerodynamic hydration system I Prince have set-up for bicycle TT time trialing in triathlon. This is the 1st time anyone has brilliantly combined the Profile© and torpedo bottle. Feel free to benefit from this Prince Method© creation, but only after donating Y10,000 per race used to prince@princepari.com on PayPal. The system represents 55 seconds saved in my hair dryer tunnel test over an Olympic distance race, and therefore value at only Y220 per second saved.

Anyhow, my favorite, soon to be married, and debonair handsome triathlete CP, has unfortunately pulled out of Ishigaki triathlon with a broken hand due to a freak swimming collision in Daikanyama pool with a dentist. I am very sad as I have spent over 200 hours putting him through my Prince Method
© academy of swim, bike and run skills.

One trick I employed was writing C
P an overall victory speech for CP to orate to Okinawa TV. Dashingly written even before he actually won the Ishigaki triathlon. This is an audaciously confident element of the Prince Method© ! I am publishing my speech below (in Japanese) as it would be a loss to the history of Japanese literature, should I not, even although it will never be broadcast by CP. Feel free to adopt my approach to race psychology by writing your own speech after donating yen to my Paypal account. It is not possible to translate my unique prose to English. Sorry.

石垣の、ボランテアの皆サン有り難うございました。今日は我ながら素晴らしいレースができました。特に特に得意得意のバイク風のような走りが出来ました。いやあー本当についていました!! 私は偉大なるプリンス監督元、厳しいトレーニングを重ねてきました。今日はプリンスの戦略が功を奏しました。

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