15 April 2010

RACE REPORT: CP in Saipan Tagaman Long Distance Triathlon

PrincePari athlete CP (above) takes 3rd place in age group at the Saipan Tagaman Triathlon, but overall was well down the field and unable to compete with the 40 or so professionals competing for USD $100,000s. Prince stated that: the South Korean teams were so greedy for the cash that they drafted like a gang of traveling meerkats having overdosed on ginseng and scandalously went un-penalized by the judges. CP did however come away with a super dashing picture while visualizing the course to "the Final Countdown" song at sunrise. The picture was taken by the organizer KFC (nothing to do with chicken and a Colonel) and will soon be sported in Triathlon Trip magazine. Coach Prince will now be revising CP’s pre-race nutrition which as per scientific evidence has historically involved a bottle of Claret (8 hours before) and 1000MG of caffeine 2 hours before. Prince stated the result was disappointing and maybe CP needs more red wine loading but 18 hours before event. If anyone other than a multisport geek cares, the splits on a mountainous windy course in 29 degrees Centigrade were: 2,000M swim (39 mins), 60 KM bike ride (1 hour and 58 mins) and 15k run (1 hour and 15 minutes). Sam Gardner of the UK, an athlete not yet trained by Prince took 1st place. Prince wishes to add to his 2 athletes and welcomes Sam and others to join Team PrincePari. CP at medal ceremony for 3rd place in age group (right).

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