19 April 2010

PRINCE NEWS: Prince to Coach Team PrincePari for the 1st Antarctic Ice Triathlon

Video (bottom) is set during a sudden surprise miracle, yet horrific Spring blizzard attack across Tokyo in mid April; a time when temperatures should be quasi tropical. The blizzard was in fact so hard that Prince's face was bleeding after video interview. However, the miserable wretched freezing bitter polar temperature was also a dashing opportunity for Prince to announce plans on video to coach CP and others from the prestigious Team PrincePari to dominate the 1st Antarctic Ice Triathlon in 2011. Price's pedigree is excellent in polar regions having had the excellent idea to coach Mark Parnell in a refrigerated warehouse in 2009 for the Antarctic Ice Marathon. Parnell eventually took 3rd place overall. Prince states that he relishes enjoying the triathlon swim portion from spectator powerboat in his new goose feather pink polar jacket (above).

Bizarrely in the same below interview video, the Japanese in the park at same time seem to have welcomed this horrific polar-esque weather in absurd fashion; having relaxing picnics, and washing down umeboshi rice balls with dry sake. Prince is now without any doubt that Oscar Wilde's succinct contention that "the whole of Japan is a pure invention. There is no such country, there are no such people...." is correct, but acknowledges some further advances in metaphysical scientific philosophy are required to validate Japan's complete absurd non existence beyond all doubt.

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