12 March 2010

PRINCE NEWS: Prince is Not an Overgrown Hamster * Prince's Website has been attacked by Serbians * New Logo Revealed.

Prince is terribly vexed. For whoever keeps logging-in and writing comments saying that Prince is not a triathlon super poodle but an overgrown geek Hamster have ruined it for everyone as Prince has now retaliated by suspending the ability to post comments on this site.

Also for some strange reason, an apparent gang of overly competitive triathletes and skilled attack computer hackers from Serbian and North Korean I.P. addresses have damaged the PrincePari website. Prince has tried to fix but resultantly only a few posts can be seen on the main page at a time now and to see older posts, one has to click on link called “older posts” at bottom of the page. Prince’s IT people are pursuing. Prince apologizes.

Famous Tokyo macho bad boy model, Japanese B-television drama punk gaijin actor, and now surprisingly dangerously chic advertising creative, and ace runner; Jack Woodyard has finalized the Le Prince sporting couture line brand Logo. The logo will first be used with the PrincePari Elite Racing Team at the Honolulu Triathlon this May. Thanks Jack, and I Prince will be posting on your illegally performance enhancing Zen meditation method soon.

Check out my Prince birthday poodle haircut. I was really happy about the cut and not sulking. By the way, and for the record, rodent hair, even that of the Long Haired Syrian Hamster cannot be styled in such a quintessentially poodle manner. Therefore no doubts about my pedigree are possible.

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