17 December 2009

RACE REPORT: Mark Parnell - Prince's Heroic Arctic Fox takes 3th place in the Antarctic Ice Marathon

Mark Parnell, a Coach Prince protégé, now devoted veteran of the PrinceTechique has taken 3th place in the prestigious Ice Marathon on the continent of Antarctica. Parnell, known on the circuit as "Zippy the Arctic Fox", due to outstanding agility and a talent for cunning plans, had been training and living with Coach Prince for several weeks at altitude in a secret refrigerated Tuna warehouse, fitted with an ice bath; a treadmill; and instant freeze specifications. This secret training base is located within a 8 mile radius of Kawaguchiko in the Japanese Southern Alps. Congratulations to Parnell on a heroic personal result and a suburb finish for Team GBR. Parnell stated "It was freezing, especially after I went for a piss and my thermal's fly was frozen open for the last 17 km ". Parnell did 3 days of carbo loading prior to the race which exclusively consisted of Chilean Mendoza red wine. Coach Prince will spend the off season writing his book "Puppy to Demigod Prince".

Ice Marathon Top 10
1. Jason Wolfe (USA) - 4:46:50 hrs
2. Marc de Keyser (BEL) - 4:58:20 hrs
3. Mark Parnell (GBR) - 5:55:59 hrs
4. Jacques Fox (LUX) - 6:07:02 hrs
5. Gavin Melgaard (AUS) - 6:58:09 hrs
6. Manuel Sessink (NED) - 7:17:41 hrs
7. Dennis Gonzalez (USA) - 7:57:14 hrs
8. Jaroslaw Rajtar (POL) - 8:01:28 hrs
9. Terry Denham (GBR) - 8:13:24 hrs
10. Helmut Linzbichler (AUT) - 8:28:15 hrs

See http://www.icemarathon.com/live/183.html for more details on race.

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